Cloud-based Performance Management software
To monitor and assess your strategic action plans
Measure the progress of your action palns
Define relevant indicators for each process that are shared by everyone
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A collaborative solution for action plan management

Consolidate all your action plans using the same tool. You can link your action plans to your challenges and goals an monitor progress and KPI in real time

PYTHEOS advantages to monitor your actions plans and KPI

Centralize your data

Structure your processes, group your sites together, integrate your Excel files and prioritize your action plans!

Share a single platform

Switch to collaborative mode
Monitor your teams, keep in touch and share work easily

Consult consolidated data

No need to reprocess your data!
Progress, KPIs and budgets are consolidated automatically.

Benefit from real-time analysis

Generate reports on the fly
Enjoy more productive and interactive meetings 

Introduce clear, meaningful and methodical practices

Define your own goals based on your specific challenges and/or B.U

  • Pool actions and projects in the same frame of reference
  • The action plans are themselves broken down into projects and operational actions.
  • Allocate actions and action plans to each action leader.

Each action leader monitors their roadmap in real time

  • Monitoring the progress of actions by priority and by status (planned, overdue, to be approved, etc.).

  • Control of allocated resources (time, budget, etc.)

  • Feedback on performance indicators – KPIs – by stakeholders

How to user PYTHEOS and improve quality and performance

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By managing your action plans in PYTHEOS, you can:

  • Bring your stakeholders together
  • Grant access rights for specific focus areas
  • Select view modes (goals or BU)
  • Monitor the efficiency of your actions
  • Generate automatic assessment reports
  • Facilitate continuous improvement

Increase quality!

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By managing your indicators in PYTHEOS, you can:

  • Define key indicators
  • Compare targets and values in KPI graphs
  • Compare savings and budgets
  • Consolidate data by strategic focus
  • Analyze according to your axes

Improve performance!


By managing in the PYTHEOS collaborative mode, you can:

  • Assign actions to teams
  • Plan and schedule your actions
  • Use GANTT charts
  • Manage resources: time spent, budget, etc.
  • Create discussion groups
  • Interface with SharePoint and Power BI
  • Benefit from a mapping module

PYTHEOS customer testimonials

LéaIndustrial Performance Project Manager at Bel
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PYTHEOS grants us access to information from over 25 sites scattered around the world. Data accessibility is a key element of LEAN management and operational excellence; it allows us to be far more agile and efficient.”
Xavier de Saint Germain
Xavier de Saint GermainMethods manager and head of the One Colas Quarries program
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PYTHEOS is indeed an essential tool for managing transversal projects which require action plans implemented over several years and by people on different sites and in different countries. Today, over 400 of our worldwide employees use PYTHEOS: directors, managers, quarry managers, and more.
Benoit DExecutive officer - Aeronautical Industry
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By implementing PYTHEOS, we have been able to review all the action plans of our various sites, work on our priorities and have a complete vision in accordance with our strategic plan and processes. Now, at steering committee meetings, each process pilot presents their consolidated vision and the progress of their tasks
Faustine Schoutteten
Faustine SchouttetenQSE Manager – Enygea Group
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We have integrated all our various Excel files into PYTHEOS (audits, Executive Committee, etc.). As a result, it is easy for us to monitor our QHSE action plans. We use PYTHEOS to prepare our audits and assess the effectiveness of our actions.
Catherine P.Head of Operational Excellence
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We have integrated all our scattered Excel files into PYTHEOS. We can now easily follow the actions resulting from our QHSE. action plans. Thanks to PYTHEOS, we can easily perform our process reviews, prepare our audits and assess the effectiveness of our actions
Christophe L.
Christophe L.Performance Manager
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We were looking for a solution to easily manage our different locations. to have a clear and homogeneous overiew of the actions undertaken at our sites and/or in ourBUs, and to harmonize best practices.

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